A modern approach to learning for structural analysis

Iain A MacLeod  




Chapter 3 of Modern Structural Analysis describes a modelling process for use in structural analysis.This process is used as a QA procedure but it is also used in an unstructred way as a pervasive mode of thinking to help to achieve good outcomes in situations of complex uncertainty. 

The sub-section of 'Guidance for teachers' titled ‘Basic principles’ discusses why structural analysis needs to be treated more as an exercise in modelling than as an exercise in doing calculations. 

The publication in 2010 of a paperback edition of Iain MacLeod's textbook on modelling - Modern Structural Analysis and t
he information about teaching set out in the 'Guidance for teachers' section of this website provide a basis of support for evolving the teaching of structural analysis toward a modelling paradigm

It is hoped that the arguments set out in this website convince you that such action should not be delayed.